We really, truly and honestly know how you feel. We are a small group of ME sufferers who meet several times a year to share experiences and cheer each other up. Talking with people who know and understand what you are going through really does help. Listening to those who have improved their lot gives you hope for the future.

We are in touch with the larger organizations that are currently striving to fund research and to influence the government into acknowledging our needs. Over recent years there has been some success in these areas, yet there is still much to be done and definite conclusions to be reached.

In the meantime it pays to know as much as you can about your illness. We can help you to do that by putting at your disposal books, leaflets and magazines that you can borrow. Getting better is a long, uphill struggle but with support along the way you can do it.

We meet in the Disability Resource Centre in Paisley on the 2nd Wednesday of February, May, September & November.

Paisley ME Support Group

Disability Resource Centre, 74 Love Street, Paisley PA3 2EA